NOT Pro-life

In 2015 alone, Byron Cook
killed 5 Priority Pro-Life Bills.

During the most recent legislative session, Bryon Cook scored a dismal 63% on Pro-Life issues. Source

Byron Cook publicly urged his colleagues to support abortions for disabled children. Read Cook’s letter here.

Byron Cook decided only certain types of babies are worth protecting from the pain of abortion. Source

Byron Cook praised exceptions that allow for the killing of disabled preborn children through abortion. Source

Byron Cook allowed your insurance premiums to cover other people’s abortions and your tax dollars to fund the abortions of government employees.

Byron Cook wrote and filed legislation that would have PREVENTED citizens and nonprofit advocacy organizations from speaking about the voting records and stances of elected officials!  Source

Byron Cook voted against increasing reporting requirements for abortionists. Source

Despite widespread conservative opposition, Byron Cook co-authored, held a hearing, and voted for House Bill 2351, a measure that would have allowed hospitals to deny medical treatment to a person with disabilities. Source1 Source2

Because of his chairmanship, Byron Cook forced Pro-Life laws to allow abortions for some children. Source

In 2005 & again in 2007, Cook co-authored a bill to legalize human cloning, HB 1929 & HB 2074. 2005 Source 2007 Source

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